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    Accessing O365 Email Quarantine

    How to access and manage emails that have been sent to quarantine

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    To access the Microsoft Defender for O365 Quarantine mailbox, open a web browser and go to https://security.microsoft.com

    Sign in with your O365 login credentials, and you will be brought to the Microsoft 365 Defender Home page. 

    To access the Quarantine, select 'Review' on the sidebar. 

    Email Quarantine

    Select 'Quarantine'.

    Here you can see all the emails that are currently in quarantine that would have been received by you. 

    Emails are held in quarantine for a maximum of 30 days, then they are permanently deleted.

    You can see the subject of the email, current status, the policy under which the email was sent to quarantine, the reason for being quarantined, and the intended recipient. 

    Clicking on the email will bring up more information about the email. This may be useful for support technicians when troubleshooting problems. 

    From the email details or by highlighting emails in the Quarantine list, you can perform the following actions:

    Release - Releases the email from quarantine to it's intended recipients. 

    Request Release - Depending on security policies, you may not be able to release the email yourself. Certain quarantine reasons will require an Administrator to release the message. This occurs for cases where Microsoft 365 Defender determines with a high confidence that the email is a threat.  Create a support ticket in these cases, and we will be able to assist. 

    Delete Messages - Deletes the emails permanently. 

    Preview Message - Previews the message safely in plain text. 

    View Message Headers - View the email headers on the message. This option is helpful for support technicians when troubleshooting issues. 

    Block Sender - Add the sender to your Blocked Senders list, preventing you from receiving further emails from the sender.

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