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    Uninstalling Applications On a MAC

    removing mac apps

    Remove apps from a Mac using Launchpad

    Launchpad allows you to find, organize, and open the apps on your Mac. You can access Launchpad through the Dock, through a Mac search, using the F4 key, or by pinching all your fingers together if you use a trackpad.

    When you uninstall programs using Launchpad, it not only sends them to the Trash, but it also deletes all their additional files from your Mac.


    How to uninstall an app from a Mac with Launchpad:

    1. Open Launchpad and hold the Option key
    2. When the icons begin to move, a small cross may appear in the corner of some apps. If the cross is there, click on it to delete that app
    3. This is only available for applications that were downloaded from the App Store — that is, those which are officially recommended for installation on Mac devices
    4. To confirm, click Delete

    Delete apps on a Mac using Finder

    Finder is a utility that displays folders, files, and apps on a Mac. This also includes the data stored on iCloud Drive and even on external devices.


    Finder lets you organize the entire array of files on your computer, including cleaning data storage, and you can also use it to uninstall software on your Mac. Using advanced search, you can locate the program that you want to delete and the files associated with it.


    How to use Finder to uninstall apps:

    1. Locate the app in Finder

    Go to Applications in Finder and Control-click an app you want to uninstall. 

    2. Move to the Trash

    Send the app you want to uninstall to the Trash, then open Bin and empty it.

    3. Search for app leftovers

    In Finder select Go > Go to Folder from the menu bar and type /Library/ and hit click Go. Search for any folders with the same name of the app you deleted. 

    4. Remove app leftovers

    To delete the folder with leftovers, control-click on its name and select Move to Trash from the drop-down menu, then open Bin and empty it.

    Delete apps using Terminal

    The Terminal app can also be used to delete app leftovers and fragments.

    terminal app window

    To open Terminal, go to Applications → Utilities → Terminal.


    Type sudo uninstall file:// into the command line.


    Then go to the Applications folder in Finder and drag the icon of the app that you wish to uninstall into the Terminal window — it will automatically paste itself.


    Hit Enter and type in your user password to remove the app and its leftover files from your Mac.

    terminal window app

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