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    Avenir IT Train & Protect: Breach Prevention Platform (BPP)

    Manger View

    Breach Prevention Platform (BPP)

    This cybersecurity-based program uses ongoing education, gamification, and easy to understand topics to implement proactive security controls to reduce the likelihood of a security incident.

    In this guide you will find helpful tips and information to help you roll-out the Breach Prevention Platform (BPP) to your employees. At the heart of the BPP is EVA, our Employee Vulnerability Assessment, which is designed to provide continuous security training to promote a security-focused company culture.


    Each week we will send out a Micro-Training video via email to you and your employees. These videos are typically 2-3 minutes long and keep you up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats. After watching the video, you will want to complete the simple 4 question quiz attached. In total, this should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Watching these weekly security tip videos and completing the quizzes will help improve your Employee Secure Score (ESS), so make sure you do so in a timely basis!   

      Tip: Sending out reminder emails to your employees to complete these will go a long way!

    The Leaderboard: 

    The leaderboard makes this fun for you and your employees! Get creative with your screen name and work your way to the top of the leaderboard by improving your ESS!

      Tip: Set the tone with your username and have some fun! 

    Dark Web Scans:

    In addition to continuous dark web monitoring of your organization’s domain, BPP also allows you to scan the dark web to find out if your personal information is already out there. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself. This free tool allows you and your employees to scan your personal, friends’, or family members’ email addresses as much as you’d like, so use this tool as you see fit!

      Tip: Stay up to date on your accounts and remember to check for any new breaches periodically!

    Security Risk Assessment (SRA): 

    A main component in identifying where your security vulnerabilities lie is with taking an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA). This comprehensive SRA allows you to see where your security posture lies and put together a long-term plan for working towards becoming cyber-secure. 

    Tip: Complete the SRA annually and remain on a consistent schedule as years go on.

    Annual Security Training: 

    With an emphasis on case studies of real events, users of this training platform will learn practical lessons on how they can lower protect your data & information. A training certificate is provided to employees upon completion of the final quiz..

    Tip: Require your employees to complete their training and quiz by a certain deadline.

    Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA): 

    EVA is an employee risk detection solution that analyzes vital security metrics like dark web compromises, simulated phishing fail rate, security training scores, and policy acknowledgement to identify your organization’s human security risks. Based on these metrics, each employee is assigned an Employee Secure Score (ESS). The lower the ESS score, the less secure they are, thus the higher the risk to your organization. EVA allows you to see which employees are on track as well as which employees pose the highest risk to your organization and strengthens them with ongoing education.

    Tip: Use the Employee Secure Score (ESS) report as a metric of evaluation for your employees on a regular basis.

    How do I get started and set an example?


    1.Login to the portal here: https://portal.pii-protect.com/#/login - Can’t login? Contact us at Support@avenirit.com

    2.Complete your profile 

    •       Claim your screen name and start climbing up the leaderboard by pressing Edit Profile at the top of the dashboard

    Complete Security Awareness Training

    This should take approximately 45 minutes to complete. This training includes case-study based videos to provide an example of how incidents can happen to anyone. 

    During this course, you can stop and start any time. In order to get credit for this course, you must complete a 20-question quiz that will impact your Employee Secure Score, so you’ll want to pay attention!

    At the top of your dashboard, click the “Security Training”  tab to get started! 

    Learn more about Train & Protect Annual Training

    Tip: Set a date training MUST be completed by and ensure you’re checking-in with those who may be falling behind.

    Complete Micro-Training Quizzes Regularly

    Each week you’ll receive an email from no-reply@security-reminders.com with a link to our weekly micro-training videos. Following each video, you will see a short quiz based on the content. 

    Take a 5-minute break and educate yourself on what to look out for this week. The more quizzes you take, the higher your ESS!

    Learn more about Train & Protect Micro Quizzes.

    Complete Your Security Risk Assessment Annually

    It is important for all businesses to complete a thorough Security Risk Analysis (SRA) on their organization. An SRA can identify your organizations strengths and weaknesses. In the “My Company” section, click “SRA”.

    This SRA takes about 1 hour to complete and if you have any questions on the content please contact us at [Email Address].

    Learn more about Train & Protect Security Risk Assessment (SRA).

    You’ve done the basics! Thank you for actively playing a role in your Security and Cybersecurity Program and setting an example for how important protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) truly is!

    Reporting and Managing the Cybersecurity Program Results

    You must be in the “My Company” section to access the user reports.

    You should be monitoring your manager reports monthly. Take time to evaluate your employees and help them stay on track. The fewer ‘high-risk’ employees you have, the better protected you are.

    On a quarterly basis, we recommend adding this report to your employee evaluations. Discuss with each employee their status and how they are helping protect your business and their personal information. Encouragement is key!

    Annual Training Reports

    In the My Company section, click on the “Training Reports” tab.

    To view the “Annual” training results, select “Annual” in the drop-down list. Here you can see the Full Report for all employees who have completed the training for the current module. It will show the employee name, score, date completed, and give you the option to access the Certificate for passing students. Previous training course results can be accessed by selecting the previous course codes from the drop-down list.

    All staff must receive an 80% or higher on the final Quiz to pass & receive a certificate.   Employee’s with scores lower than 80% should be encouraged to retake the training and quiz.

    Micro Training Reports

    In the My Company section, click on the “Training Reports” tab.

    To view the “Micro” training results, select “Micro Training” in the drop-down list. Here you can see the full list of Micro Trainings, beginning with the most recent. Selecting “View” will show the employees who had attempted that Micro Training Quiz and their score. 

    Additionally, you can view the Micro Training results for each individual employee. Using the dropdown selector, select View By “Users”. This will show each registered employee with the option to view their specific Micro Training results.

    A Micro Training Report can also be downloaded providing the full results for all employees.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Support@avenirit.com

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