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    Avenir IT Train & Protect: Catch Phish

    How to use the Email Analysis & Security Training Buttons In Outlook

    Your organization may have recently installed two new buttons, 'Email Analysis' and 'Security Training' in your Outlook or mail client. Learn how these tools work and how you can use them to help keep your organization safe from malicious phishing emails.

    What is Catch Phish?

    Catch Phish is an Outlook plug-in designed to bring security awareness right to your inbox and make protecting yourself and your business quick, easy, and FUN!

    Email Analysis Button

    When Do I Use It?

    Not so sure about an email that hits your inbox? Click this button to instantly scan it for any malicious links, language, or attachments before you fall victim to a phishing scam! Through this easy-to-use tool, you will learn how to confidently verify the legitimacy of ANY email that ends up in your inbox!  No need to wonder or wait for your IT department, you have the power right at your fingertips.

    How do I use it?

    Once the add-in is installed, you will see the 'Email analysis' button add-in will appear at the top of your Outlook.

    To scan and report an email as a phishing email:

    1. Click the Email Analysis button while the email is open.
    2. A side menu with your Avenir IT Security Portal will open. At the bottom of this display will be two buttons, 'Move to Phishing Folder' and 'Send for Analysis'.
    3. Click on 'Send for Analysis'.


    4) Once you click the "Send for Analysis" button inside the "Email Analysis" window, our system will instantly begin scanning the desired email, looking at the language, links, attachments, and other hidden elements for red flags. Once the scan is complete, you will be given a phishing threat level, indicating the likelihood of your email being a malicious phishing attempt. 

    By hovering over the identified components of the analysis, you can learn more about why the area was identified and about any common red flags.


    This tool is for training purposes only. If you suspect a phishing email and have any doubts, never click on any links or open any of the attachments, even if the threat level is low. 


    **If you have clicked on something suspicious, report it to your IT department immediately.


    Catch Phish's Email Analysis feature gives you the tools to instantly analyze emails for malicious links, language, attachments, and other hidden elements. Within minutes, you'll know if that link is safe to click or if that request from the CEO could be a cybercriminal impersonating their account. No more guessing, no more waiting for a tech to confirm your suspicions, just instant insight that fills in the gaps and makes decision-making, simple.

    Security Training Button:

    What training is available in the Security Training function? 

    The Security Training button is a mini gateway to your organization's Cybersecurity Training Portal!

    You are the most important part of the process of keeping your organization safe from cybercriminals. As cybercriminals relentlessly advance their tactics to trick unsuspecting individuals like yourself, it is critical that security awareness stay top of mind. With that said, who wants to log into the portal all the time to complete their weekly training video and quiz?

     If you said, "Not me!" you are not alone. 

    That's why the Security Training button in the Catch Phish plug-in will bring training directly to your inbox!

    Weekly Micro Training videos and quizzes are available by clicking on the Security Training button. You'll also get instant access to the previous week's Cybersecurity Micro Training videos and quizzes, and can easily check your quiz scores from previous trainings. PLUS, you get to engage in friendly competition with your coworkers! 

    Here you can access your library of short, educational Micro-training videos and quizzes that are updated WEEKLY by simply clicking this button in your toolbar any time!


    When you think about "cyber crime", you may imagine a hacker in a dark hoodie sitting in a basement, writing in some mystic code on a screen, plotting to steal millions of dollars from billionaires or huge corporations. It's something that happens in movies, but not to normal, everyday people like us, right? Unfortunately, this hidden threat is very real and happens to people just like us, all the time.

    Small and medium-sized businesses make up 62% of breached businesses. That means criminals are targeting people just like us through various methods of phishing, and these phishing emails are getting harder and harder to spot as they continue to find new ways to trick and exploit their victims. 

    That means it's up to us to do our part, because if we don't, it could cost us everything.

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