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    Answering Rules Overview

    You can locate Answering Rules in the tab bar of the Avenir IT Voice portal. In this section, you can create various answering rules that will change how calls are directed and forwarded at different times. 


    Office managers and call center supervisors must be in “My Account” view to access their connected phones and extensions.

    What are Answering Rules?

    Think of answering rules as instructions you are giving your phone system on what to do when someone calls you. Examples of certain uses may be: 

    • You may want to forward the call to another staff member.
    • Have an incoming call ring on multiple devices. 
    • Not have the phone ring during your lunch hour.
    • Forward calls to your cell phone after hours.
    • Block specific phone numbers. 

    In the example screenshot above, you'll notice that:

    1. When a call comes in, it will ring for 25 seconds.
    2. The user has two time frames, and therefore two instructions. One behavior during business hours, and another behavior at all times outside business hours. 
    3. We can see that during business hours, the system will ring the user's extensions, however go straight to voicemail any other time.


    Answering Rules must be used in conjunction with Time Frames. If you do not have a corresponding time frame already in place, you cannot create a new answering rule. The Avenir IT Voice portal will inform you if you have entered a timeframe that was previously deleted.

    Answering rules are used in the order that they appear, going from the top to the bottom. By dragging answering rules using the arrow buttons on the left side, you can arrange the priority in a top-down order. Whichever answering rule is currently active will have the active tag next to its name.

    The icons on the right side allow you to edit or delete answering rules.  

    Adding or Editing Answering Rules

    Whether you are adding a new answering rule or editing an existing one, the pop-up window is the same.  

    Answering Rule Options

    Time Frame – select a preexisting time frame and link it to this answering rule.

    Enabled – enables or disables the current answering rule you are viewing or creating.

    Do not disturb – blocks all calls going to your extension and sends them directly to your voicemail box. If you have Do not disturb activated you will not be able to select any Call Forwarding or Simultaneous ring options.

    Call screening - The system will prompt the callers to say their name allowing you to screen the call before accepting it.

    Call Forwarding – calls will forward to a specified extension, number, or phone. You can configure call forwarding based on the following:

    Always – this option will bypass your primary device and send calls directly to the extension or phone number you have entered. Please note that when entering an external number, you need to enter 10 digits without spaces, brackets or dashes.

    When busy –  while visible, the “when busy” option is not available for use for individual answering rules as you will never have a busy signal with Avenir IT Voice. This option is visible as it can be used when managing answering rules for queues and other features.

    When unanswered – this option will ring your phone first and send calls directly to the extension or phone number entered if you don’t answer. When entering an external number, you need to enter 10 digits without spaces, brackets or dashes.

    When offline – this option will only forward a call if your phone goes offline due to a power outage, internet outage, etc. This feature is often used in conjunction with a mobile phone.

    Simultaneous ring – you can configure multiple devices to ring at the same time to ensure you never miss a call. You can configure simultaneous rings based on the following:

    Include user’s extension – ensure your primary extension is included if you want your phone to ring.

    Ring all user’s phones – select this if you have multiple phones associated with your extension. This includes softphones and mobile apps. 

    Answer confirmation for offnet numbers – used to configure an external phone number that will ring at the same time as your Avenir IT Voice phones. When you answer a call, you will first hear a prompt asking if you want to connect to the caller or not. You can press 1 to answer, or hang up to reject the call. If you reject the call, the caller will be sent to your Avenir IT Voice voicemail rather than your mobile voicemail.

    Extension, number or phone – You can enter an additional extension or phone number to ring along with your personal extension. You also have the option to add a ring delay. The green plus button will add additional fields if you want to enter more numbers.

    When selecting another extension, there will likely be three main options to choose from:

    User –  if you select another user’s extension, the call will follow that user’s personal answering rules (the call may be forwarded again).

    Phone – if you have multiple devices configured, you may want to forward calls to an additional extension. In this case, each additional device is associated with an extension followed by a letter (i.e. 501m for your mobile phone). Your primary device will never have a letter. If a call is sent to an additional device and is not answered, it will be transferred back to your primary extension’s voicemail.

    Voicemail – if selecting an additional extension’s voicemail, the call with be sent straight to voicemail without ringing any of your devices.

    Blocking a Number

    You can access the Allow / Block screen by clicking on the Allow / Block button in the top right of the screen.

    The Allow / Block screen will appear, simply enter a number in the Blocked Numbers section and click on the + button. To block all anonymous or unknown numbers, you can check off the option Block anonymous and unknown option.

    Active Answering Rule in the Home Tab

    For quick access, you can view and change your answering rule in the Home‍ tab. It will display your current active answering rule, which extensions are associated with that rule and the time frame it uses. You can change your Active Answering Rule by clicking the drop-down above your current answering rule.

    To see the Time Frame your active answering rule is using, you can hover over the answering rule name.

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