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    Profile Overview

    You can locate your profile by clicking the drop-down menu the top right corner. Once in your profile settings, you can directly change your name, department, timezone, email address(es), and dial-by-name directory options. 


    Office managers and call center supervisors need to be in “My Account” view to access their profile. This can be achieved by clicking on your name  on the top right followed by My Account. 

    1. Personal Information

    This section allows you to change your name, language preferences as well as whether to include you in the staff directory. The staff directly may be used by your organization's automated attendant to reach your extension.

    2. Caller ID Information

    This section allows you to update your Caller ID name and number. 

    3. Account Security

    This section allows you to update your email address and password to access the Avenir IT Voice portal. 

    Please note that emails addresses are connected to your voicemails (if setup to receive them by email). You can add multiple email addresses if you need voicemails to go to multiple inboxes. 

    4. Voicemail Pin

    This section allows you to update or change your voicemail PIN when accessing your voicemail using your desk phone or calling in. 

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