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    Basic User

    The Avenir IT Voice Portal

    As a new Avenir IT Voice user, the first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the Avenir IT Voice client portal. As a basic user, you will see 10 tabs in the Avenir IT Voice portal, as well as your profile. 

    Profile - Accessible by clicking on your name in the top right corner, ensure your personal information is correct: change your password and PIN, add email addresses, and see your directory options.   

    Home - designed to give you fast access to the most important and frequently viewed information. There are four components of the Home section:

    • New messages
    • Recent call history
    • Active answering rule
    • Active phones

    Messages - see your voicemails (unless you have voicemail-to-email turned on, which is the default) and access voicemail settings. 

    Fax - This is where you can send and receive faxes if you have a dedicated, personal fax number (not useable for organizational faxes).  

    Contacts - access all of your contacts. Your contacts display in a list by name, phone number/extension number, status (online/offline), and department. You can also pop-out contacts if you don't want to keep the SONAR tab open.  

    Answering Rules - you must use answering rules in conjunction with Time Frames; together, you can create various answering rules that change how calls are directed and forwarded at different times. 

    Time Frames  - allow you to choose what happens based on a date range, or a time. There are three types of time frames you can choose from in addition to your default time frame:

    • Always
    • Days of the week and times
    • Specific dates and ranges

    Phones - displays all the information on any device associated with your extension.

    Music on Hold - Add / change the music to be played when a caller is on hold or add an introductory greeting as soon as a caller is put on hold. 

    Call History - view, filter, and export your personal call history. 

    Understanding your desk phone

    Most of our clients use the Htek UC924E phone with built in WiFI and Bluetooth. It has 8 line keys, HD voice and a 3.5" Color screen. Don't have this phone? Buttons on your phone should have similar icons or functionality relevant to this article.

    Check out this page to familiarize yourself with the basics.

    Click to Zoom


    Use star codes for efficiency.

    *11 - Pull a call from one phone to another. Both phones must be connected to the same extension. 

    *51 - Log into a call queue. If you are connected to more than one call queue, this star code will log you into all of them. 

    *52 - Log out of call queue. If you are connected to more than one call queue, this star code will log you out of all of them. 

    *67 - Mask/hide caller ID. Enter *67 and then immediately enter the number you want to dial out. 

    *73 - If you have set your extension to forward to your cell phone after hours, in the morning instead of removing the forward in the Avenir IT Voice portal, you can dial *73 from your phone, and it will remove the forwarding answering rule and reset it to ring your phone.

    *78 - Activate Do Not Disturb.

    *79 - De-Activate Do Not Disturb.

    *98 - Access voicemail account. *98 only works if you do not have your voicemails configured to go to your email. 

    *90 - Transfer calls directly to voicemail. *90 can be used after an attended call transfer is not answered and the caller wishes to leave a voicemail to the intended recipient.

    Get the mobile app

    The Mobile App allows users to take their business phone extension, features, and functionality with them wherever they go. Whether you’re on the road, working remotely, or just away from your desk, you can remain accessible and while presenting a professional image to your callers. Avenir IT Voice for iOS and Android is free for Avenir IT Voice clients, available for download from the Google Play Store and iOS AppStore.

    Use the Avenir IT Voice phone from your desktop

    The Avenir IT Voice Web phone allows you full functionality of our mobile app, from a Chrome web browser. Click here to view instructions on how to access and use the Avenir IT Voice web phone. 

    Contact Support 

    If you are experiencing difficulties setting up your system in any way, don't hesitate to contact our support team. For immediate assistance, you can contact our Help desk team by dialing 611 from your Avenir IT Voice device or by calling (204) 289-4084. 

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